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June 15, 2015

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Hey all. I can’t even lie to you guys, it feels uber weird creating something for the Lovebomb site since we’ve relaunched LovelessSociety.com. I didn’t even know it had been almost a year since we last released an item (mainly because we still have people support Lovebomb by still buying items regularly, and for that we thank you). So why haven’t we been coming up with new items? Did we shut Lovebomb down? Was it a failure? The simple answer to this is no 🙂



Let me explain *in my Kevin Hart voice* see what had happened was… we were just focusing on too many things and not the most important. Without getting into a big spill about it, I was able to talk to one of my heroes in this industry (Jeff Staple to be exact) about Loveless. I told him about Lovebomb and how we sold clothes and typically did very well selling out items, but as I expanded I had certain fears. He gave me some advice and I saw that it was best for Loveless to focus on what got us to this point, and that was the tattoos and art, in hopes to build more fans which would have a snowball effect ultimately making Lovebomb even stronger. So in essence a break was needed.

So Lovebomb is back on right??? Ummm… Yes and no. Again Let me explain.


While we are focusing on growing the brand through Loveless Society, I never started Lovebomb solely for income. I did it because I actually enjoy making products as well as the process of fashion. It’s like art to me. Conceptualizing an item, getting the team together, hunting for the perfect models, researching the market and seeing how to stand out, chasing down vendors, seeing the items made from scratch, putting all your money into it, the late nights, the photoshoots, the marketing, all the way down to the stress of finally launching and seeing how everyone responds to something you and your guys have put all this work into excite the fuck out of me. I fucking love it!!!

So I decided that I wanted that spark again because it means something. I think it shows that people actually give a fuck and it makes you want to deliver. So with that said, even with all the stuff in the works with the new site, I wanted to drop something just as a nice break from it all.


When we dropped the Goddess tank last year, I had a spare tank top left and thought it’d be cool to run the print from our Loveless Cupid tee on it. So only that one existed. I’d wear it out and parade it on social media because hell, I loved the tank. What I didn’t expect was how people would keep going on the site trying to buy it to no avail. So now just seemed like the right time to make it for real! And I must say, I’m glad we did.

The joy I experienced creating it was the same high I got as creating a new Loveless tattoo. I teamed up with up and coming photographer Roseography  and just let him have at it. As I’ve taken this last year to learn to be more of a leader, I saw that the biggest part of leading is just letting people do what they do best. He didn’t disappoint!

So now the tank is available this week for preorder (something we’ve never done so I get to stress about that, but it’s nice healthy stress so I can dig it, lol) and will have a special price until the end of the week. Go buy it or not, it’s up to you, no pressure.


So now that we’re making clothes again it seems like we would start back doing it more often right? Well… not quite. This was just to scratch an itch. The good news though is that we will try to have the occasional item. I know a definite one I want to run later in the fall as well as something early next year. So while not as frequent, there will be drops. Very soon though, we will have other great stuff on Lovebomb to keep you guys coming back, just not mainly clothing (which is cool because it keeps it special when we release something I think).

Sorry guys, I’m a rambler. Hope you enjoyed the post. Lots of great stuff coming soon so stay Loveless good people. Hope you like the tank and thanks for all the support. It means the world c:

Loveless Mel


New Release! Midnight Goddess Tank Smoke and Mirrors
New Release! Midnight Goddess Tank
Smoke and Mirrors



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