Valentine’s Day…damn.

February 14, 2013

Hey all. Happy fucking Valentine’s Day. Guess I’ll use this new blog today to give you lot your normal weekly Loveless fix since we just redirected you here today (then it’s back to good old from here on out). I told you guys we had something good for you. You all have no idea how much I’ve heard, “When can we buy stuff Cupid, I want you Cupid, Why is your peen so small Cupid?” Look, I hear you all, and let’s just say that I guess we were holding back, on purpose. As you probably heard from the art guy, Loveless is not about money. The only thing I want is for you guys to love the life you live, nothing more really. But honestly…what’s greater than that? No, no…we aren’t money hungry here, in fact, we don’t give a damn if you buy any of this stuff. The only sad part about that is that Loveless wouldn’t grow. I can tell you that for sure, but hell, we aren’t that bad off…(ok me and Jeff are about to get evicted next week, but hey, what’s new?)

With that being said, I know it’s hard listening to a naked guy talk about clothes. I’m sorry, but it’s my damn job. But I’ll let you guys get a pass for a second. You can see me babble about all the cool shit we’ve finally brought to you throughout this site, but for now, I’ll talk on something entirely different…Valentine’s day. What’s that? Fuck me? Hey man! Fuck you!!! Hold up, how many of you don’t have a Valentine today? You, and you, hmmm…you? What about you over there? But you’re fucking hot! Fuck that, I’ll be your Valentine. What about that guy next to her? Ohh…sorry miss…I mean, mustaches are…ummm…80’s chic, what’s not to love? Okay, so you’re all a bit angry at me. Let me flip this, I’m mad at you…yes you damnit.

Before you try and cut off my sack, just know I didn’t mean it like that. I just mean that I’m angry you’re still pointing fingers on why things in your life are the way they are. Don’t I get enough death threats a day? I promise it’s not my fault that you feel this way. It just means…it’s not your time. I mean, do you really want me to deliver another dud of a companion to you just because I got drunk and wanted some target practice? No! You don’t. So this year, I’ve decided, I’m laying a bit low and seeing how you guys react to it. I want to see what you are willing to do for happiness. No worries, I’m not leaving you, just doing a bit of observing. I just want to see if you all will let life pass you by, or are you going to take that chance on love that you have been holding out on. You don’t have my arrow this time, because you don’t need it. You already have something ten times more powerful…and that is your heart. Embrace it and let it lead you. The funny thing about it is that you know it tells you the truth and leads you right. It adapts and you don’t make the same mistakes. It’s more than some beating organ…it’s the epicenter of self. Look inside that little fucker…


…and let it guide you.


Even if you feel like you have nothing, you were equipped with your number one weapon since you were the size of a peanut. With the first beat heard, you were instantly loved. Never take it for granted. This is your world…no more pointing fingers. Now is only time for living. Don’t let the world tell you how loved you are by how many boxes of stale chocolate shaped like hearts you recieve (though, stale chocolate isn’t that bad. Tastes no different than that dark chocolate shit). Now let’s go get a drink…on you. And you may have to help me fight…not the most popular guy today. Lucky for us, if they mess up your clothes you have a new place to go. What? they said I get 10%, nothing wrong with a shameless plug every now and then, lol. Valentine’s friggin Day mate. Cheers.

Loveless Cupid

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To the Lovebombers…



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