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Fear stops most from doing great things. Hell, fear can stop people before they even start. This was the case with Lovebomb as well. Wondering how people would accept it kept me from making it for a long time. Wondering if people would take it as a serious fashion brand and not some type of way of just trying to make money from the image of Loveless. Wondering if the meaning of chasing what you love would still resonate. Wondering, wondering, wondering... but not DOING. After I finally decided I was going to really take this and make it something special things just started to go well. The team around me became more solid, people took me more serious when I talked about it, and production assemblies addressed it as something serious, all from my demeanor. The brand started to feel more solid. I felt like a business man, but not in the traditional sense. An evolved business man...the one I was meant to be, the culmination of everything I've ever been through. In that time, I gave myself realistic goals, and some unrealistic ones. The realistic ones, were that it was going to take time to build this up and that I should take each step as a learning experience. I didn't expect to come out of the gates swinging once me and the Loveless team launched this site. Finally, for the first time, I was not setting myself up for failure. Yesterday we launched this site, the new brand, the new purpose, with me not feeling like some omnipotent person behind the scenes. I wanted people to know just how I was like them, and wanted the same thing that they do, and that's to chase what we love for a better life. The thing I want most is for people to embrace that and live the lifestyle... the lifestyle of a "Lovebomber" We released our first product, which I thought we ordered to much of. I didn't expect it to catch on maybe until next year after a few more runs. We sold out of the new product yesterday in seven hours. I am completely humbled and now see that this is beyond real. Lovebombers exist and we will be the supplier to make sure the world knows it. To commemorate that, we will run a sale on the site. 40% off everything! This will end 11.12.13 so I hope everybody can take advantage (especially on the Hopeless Romantic hoodie. Love that thing. I may buy another one). Just type in the code 'thankyou' upon checkout. So step away from fear and know that you can achieve if you just take that first step. the team and I will be going back in the studio thinking of new stuff to wow you guys. Thanks for giving us a great beginning with this second chance. -Melvin  


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