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August 11, 2014

We’ve been waiting quite a while to release this shirt as it ushers a new era for Lovebomb. We broke our boundaries and went with a print of much higher difficulty than usual. The result is our best to date, with a printing process that pushed our very limits, while yet maintaining the quality of art that you guys have grown to love from us. Just add the fact that we continue to strive to keep things stylish. Psyche and the Racerback tank are a match made for you Goddesses out there (don’t worry fellas, the new printing technique will be finding it’s way to all our items, but c’mon, ladies first, right?)

With that said, we’re extending out excitement throughout the site today. Just type in the code “summerlove” at checkout and take an additional discount off of anything you order today. Yeah, you heard right, this offer ends today so jump on it! Grab you and a mate a Cupid and Psyche shirt and feel just like the Loveless couple themselves (okay, maybe a bit more loving, but you feel me).

Thanks in advance guys.

Loveless Mel.

Thank you New Release! Midnight Goddess Tank
Thank you
New Release! Midnight Goddess Tank



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