Smoke and Mirrors

July 29, 2015

What’s up all? Mel here. Taking a break from drawing just to put you all on game for a sec… or 2.

So read the whole thing. Something cool’s at the end.

Ya see, for those that don’t know me personally, I am a workaholic to the fullest. Like it’s intense. Some type of way I’ve convinced myself that normal things waste my time from reaching my goals in life. So with that said I barely watch television.

Key word barely.

Because I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t. So what guilty pleasures
do I let slip through the cracks of my workaholic mind?

Basketball shit, Football shit, a few choice cartoons
(watching Rick and Morty soon actually) and HGTV (seriously tho…).

Point of this rambling? Well sometimes something is so good that it forces itself into my “Work can Wait” list and I sit back and get engrossed. Enter the web series Smoke and Mirrors by Artemus Jenkins.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that Artemus Jenkins
is this brilliant filmmaker that I don’t know.

But he is a brilliant filmmaker that is a good friend of mine
(see what I did there? no? cool. Follow along).

You see years ago, I was a shell of myself after a break up (which led to this brand and such). I’d pretty much complain about it to anyone who would listen to me. In comes Artemus. At the time our friendship was new. We had a mutual respect for each other’s crafts, but most importantly, even early on I know that AJ would be real with me. So with that said, every time I finished a tale of lost love, AJ would tell me on que to “Man the fuck up“. At the time I needed to hear it from my most genuine bud and not some fluff. I put what I was feeling into my art and things worked out.

A year or two passed and to my surprise, Artemus found himself in the same situation I had just gotten out of, but unlike me, he wasn’t sulking much. His philosophy of manning the fuck up was too strong within his dread-headed cranium. Instead he just asked how I felt about a webseries on love, well love lost, for people like us (ya know, cause…we’re black. And we both could get girls, so why care about losing one? Pimp C would not be proud).  Of course I said yes, as well as many other people and Smoke and Mirrors was born.

Written and directed by KarynRose Bruyning, we follow the character of Dixon (played by Mr. Jenkins himself) as he trudges through the life of a failed relationship that he might not have been ready to move on from. What ensues are, not only comical situations but instances where the characters strike a cord in you and hit really close to home giving deep moments of self pondering. Makes me think of the last verse from Raury’s “Woodcrest Manor” track:

Ever come across something for the first time
Be it a person place or thing
They gave you an instant feeling of happiness
Made you glad to be alive
And eventually as time goes on the feeling gets weaker, and weaker, and weaker
And you don’t know why
It’s slowly becoming less exciting
And the whole time you’re in denial about this decreasing value
And you know it in the back of your mind
That the feeling’s fading away
And it’s almost over
But ignore reality and continue to keep trying
Eventually the feeling becomes harder to reach or just disappears completely
And it leaves us pondering a crucial question:
Does everything eventually lose it’s meaning?
Will the things that make us happy today, make us happy tomorrow?
Will this joke always make me laugh?
Will the bright lights in times square always astound me?
Or will I just get so used to them that I forget they’re even there?
Will I love this person forever?
Will this person love me forever?
Does anything last forever?

With views in the hundreds of thousands, it’s very clear to see that Smoke and Mirrors was a success. So it’s no surprise that a season 2 was a must. Now we get to follow Dixon in the aftermath of last season’s pretty surprising end. If you haven’t seen it, go get your binge watch on here). A new episode will be airing every Wednesday from the Christmas in July youtube page so don’t miss out.

But you ready for that surprise tho?

Well the Smoke and Mirrors team tapped us here at Loveless to be in the series! Considering I’m clearly a fan, this was too good to be true. Not to mention, we were able to use our new Cupid Tank in the video. Besides my sub-par acting, it’s all pretty awesome (episodes 2-3 in case you wanna know).

So to extend our excitement, there are deals being thrown out from both parties!!!

Deal number uno:

So now you’re a die hard Smoke and Mirrors fan like me and don’t want to wait to see the rest of the season. Well guess what? You don’t have to! You can buy the whole season now and it even includes interviews with the filmmakers, actors, behind the scenes footage from production, directors commentary and maybe even some unseen stuff from the first season. All for $5 fucking dollars! But slow your sweaty little fingers down. Because of the Loveless inclusion, We got a special code you can put in to get all this shit for $3 (really, at this point if you don’t buy it, I may hate you).

Just use the code: LVLESS82 on grab some popcorn and enjoy! You’re welcome by the way.

Deal number dos:

Considering we just showed off the tank top in the film it only seems right that we throw a deal there too. So until August 1st, we will have a coupon you can use on not just the tank but any item on the site. Just enter : smokemirrors2 at checkout.

And there you have it. I guess in closing, manning the fuck up isn’t so bad of a strategy for us alpha males, but clearly us guys do care regardless of what we say. I mean look at all the great stuff that happens when we allow ourselves to not be ashamed to feel. I guess for artists though, it’s just easier to put it in the art and let it do all the talking for us.

Until next time I guess I’ll just keep it Loveless.

You can do the same if you want.


We missed you
We missed you



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