Unbreakable Leather Applique Crew


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$ 60

More than a crew neck, this garment represents the true heart of a Lovebomber. The inclusion of leather was not some ploy to purchase, but rather show a glimpse into the heart of the owner. You see, a true Lovebomber is a student of life and understands that even the most successful person is prone to fail sometimes. We, unlike many, take these lessons and learn from them. Over time, like leather, the heart grows stronger, wiser even. We don’t let the possibility of failure scare us from going forward, for we know that we are already destined to reach our goal. There is nothing stopping one from getting what they love….only themselves. Represent where you fall with that sentiment.

Lovebombers stand the fuck up…

50cotton/50poly drop shoulder crewneck, genuine Leather and vinyl inserts. Made in USA.


Product Description

The detail of the embroidery used on this is something to behold. Meticulous care was taken in order to mesh the applique inserts seamlessly. Cupid approves so that’s got to mean something. If you missed out on the Lovebomber hoodie, make sure not to miss out on this item.

Unisex fit




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