Loveless Cupid issue 1

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Angel Cruz just got dumped and he isn’t taking it too well. With an addiction to social media stalking and daydreams of sex with his ex, he is spiraling out of control.

With all of that said, it would make sense that he isn’t the biggest fan of Cupid. They probably should never cross paths…or maybe for entertaining comic-sake they should. Hmmm…

28 pages including “Making of” sketchbook.

Art and Story: Loveless Melvin

Lettering: Deyvison Manes

Color Assists: Ludwig Olimba and Cory McAfee


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1 review for Loveless Cupid issue 1

  1. 5 out of 5

    Wonderfully written. Real dialogue, real situations with a Uncle who gives the worst advice, a Mom who understands how love really goes, an ex girlfriend who is just real. Anyone who has been in love and broken hearted in a real way knows this rings true. The art is well drawn and the characters look like folks you know. No exagerated features. If her ass is that big it’s cause they are girls with asses that big in real life. Definitely worth the purchase.



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