New Release! Midnight Goddess Tank

August 23, 2014

_DSC6359So after seeing how fast the Goddess tank went, we decided to make a few more with a couple of changes. First off, they’re available in more sizes! Secondly, They have a unisex fit so no one is left out. Thirdly, they’re black…because why the fuck not, lol.

To extend our excitement, we’re even throwing a sale up for all the other items throughout this weekend. Just type in “midnight” at the checkout. This offer ends on August 25th. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and scoop it! Supplies are limited! Let’s end the summer with a bang. Drink up.


“summerlove”- 1day Site wide discount code We missed you
“summerlove”- 1day Site wide discount code
We missed you



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