To the Lovebombers…

November 9, 2013

In time, everything must grow. Not only us as individuals, but the things that we touch. This is only the beginning with Loveless Lovebomb. We have learned from our past and know that nothing is more precious than a good failure (and we are not ashamed to say that we’ve had a few, but we stand in front of you as strong as ever).

Don’t just watch; grow with us. If you are impressed by what we have done, you’ve seen nothing yet. We promise to keep surprising, inspiring, innovating, and most importantly, listening to you all. Without you all being unflinching in telling us what you love, there would be no fucking Loveless anything.

This year, and well into the next decade plus, Loveless is doing what it can to highlight the main cog in this brand. Believe it or not, it’s not rough-gun toting-tattooed cherubs…

It’s you.

Thanks for being you, “the living Lovebomb”. The next century will be that of the Lovebomber. Thanks for leading us to something amazing. When your friend’s are talking about Lovebomb years from now, let them know that without you, we would be nothing. And you better believe that shit when you say it because it’s beyond true.

Let’s shock the fucking world.



Valentine’s Day…damn. Thank you
Valentine’s Day…damn.
Thank you



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