Frequently Asked Questions

faqYou’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Hopefully.

What forms of payment do you guys take?

Anything Paypal takes, including credit cards. If you have a Paypal account, that will work too. No Cash on Delivery.

How do I know that my order went through?

You should receive a notification pretty much asap. Once we see that everything went smooth, we send out another notification and you just play the waiting game. We typically ship by the next day.

Shit!!! I just put an item in the cart that I didn’t mean to do. What now? Can I change it?

You’re kind of in luck. If we haven’t shipped it, we can change it. Just email as fast as possible. If it has been sent, you’ll be liable to pay for any extra shipping costs.

What if I want to return an item? What’s the procedure?

If this is the case, just email and we will give you the next steps. Please be aware that you will be paying for all shipping costs, then we refund money once we have the item back in approved condition.

You guys sold out of the shirt I want. When will you get more in?

Sorry. It’s all limited. It’s our way of staying in control of the brand. We want people to feel all good and shit knowing they got something. If we rerun a garment, we will change it up to justify it being up again, and most likely it will cost more. When an item is announced, we hope that you mark your calendar and eagerly anticipate it.

So is Loveless Lovebomb just clothing?

As of now it’s represented through clothing and prints. but we will be expanding to many more things as it is a lifestyle brand. If we think it’s cool we are going to do it. We live by our own rules to set an example to as many people as possible. You can always go to Loveless Society and never worry about spending money, but Lovebomb is how you delve deep into the lifestyle of being a Lovebomber.

Where can I pick up locally?

City of Ink in Atlanta, GA. 323 Walker St, 30313. We make sure to make a note of it, when you select local pickup. Once you have received your final statement, the items will be available there the next day unless otherwise stated.

Will there be sales?

There will definitely be sales. Best to follow our instagram and facebook as those would be the places where we actually pub it. We will be having a newsletter subscription service soon. Until then, follow us.

What are your social network profiles?

If you look to the top right of the page, you’ll see some icons for it. Video profiles coming soon.

How tall is Cupid?

Around three feet maybe? Hard to measure a guy who flies.

How do I find sizing for the clothes?

When you scroll down on a product page, you will see the product description. You’ll see a tab that says ‘Additional Information’. All sizing information will be there.

Why do so many sexy women have Loveless tattoos?

We employ Cupid so that helps. Plus women know good shit when they see it.

Is this site secure? I’ve been hacked before, I just want to be safe.

Understandable. No need to worry, we are actually double secured with SSL certificates. Whenever you see the https (not to be confused with a regular http) in front of the address, you are on a secure site and have no worries. But on top of that, we use a Paypal payflow for all of our checkouts and they have their own SSL.

How long does it take before I get my order?

Typically 5-10 Business days after we send the confirmation email.

Do you guys make international orders?

We know we have an international fan base, but as of now, we are not shipping there. We are working on it though so stay tuned.

Where are the stickers???

Tons of things are in the works. Just watch.

Cupid, I love you!

He loves you back.

If you have any other questions use the contact page and we will get back to you ASAP!


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