Casey-smConceptualized in 2010, the “Loveless” brand started from a gift that is seemingly taken for granted by many; the gift of failure and the ability to rise above. In this particular case, it was a healthy dose of heartbreak.

“My ass got dumped, but looking back now, it was one of the best things to ever happen to me. Funny right?” –Melvin Todd (Founder/Creative Director of Loveless Society and a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic)

Being an artist, Melvin expressed his emotions the best way he knew how, through art. This led to the creation of Loveless Cupid. Tarnished by the world we live in today and its rigid ideologies, he was a modernized and ‘rougher’ version of the famous mythological cherub. After receiving much unanticipated fanfare through social media, Loveless Society was born.

For the next few years, LS used art as a platform to encourage everyone to search within themselves to find what they loved and further pushed them to pursue that love without regard to the ever present cynics.

The art represented this concept in many ways but one image succinctly symbolized the lifestyle…the Lovebomb.

The Lovebomb grew from the lyrics of N.E.R.D’s song donning the same name. Used as a representation of something so powerful that nothing could stop it; everything and everyone within radius of its blast would be changed forever.

This concept could easily be applied to an actual person–a “Lovebomber”, someone who went by their own rules and would not be told what was right for them. A person who went after what they loved and achieved by doing. Someone that was so determined it was hard for other people not to take notice and be affected in some way.

These Lovebombers are the only ones allowed to wear this well-deserved symbol. When they look down and see the Lovebomb on their garment, they know it was rightfully earned and should not be taken lightly.

So only one question remains. Are you a Lovebomber? If so…prove it.


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